Dear Louis,
I have seen Coming Soon signs on listings around my neighborhood. What does this mean and will it help me get more money when I sell my home someday? __ Curious

Dear Curious,
We do not advise our agents to use “Coming Soon” signs when they list a property. Sellers get the best price for their property when it is listed in the MLS and exposed to the full market of buyers at the same time.This strategy creates excitement and a sense of urgency in the buyers and can generate several offers for the seller’s consideration. Also buyers seem to be more willing to share pertinent information like credit scores and bank statements that help the seller decide which offer to accept.
What benefit is there to the seller if nobody except a few of the agents’ buddies or clients or people who happen to drive by the property and see the “Coming Soon” sign, know that the property is for sale?
We believe that the clients interests come first.”Coming Soon” signs may generate more income for the listing agent if they are able to self sell the listing but they do not , we believe, work in the seller’s best interest.
See what the National Association of Realtors has to say about “Coming Soon” signs.…/coming-soon-is-it-in-the-seller-s-…

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