Dear Louis,
HELP!!! I need to sell my house but i found out that my sewer line is cracked and I can’t afford to pay to have it fixed. I am afraid that i will have to pay for a new sewer line if a buyer finds out about it when it is listed and sells. Of course, i am going to list my home with you.
What should i do?_____ Crazy With Worry

Dear Crazy,
When you list your house, I suggest that you complete the “Seller’s Disclosure” and include anything and everything that you know that may be wrong with the property including the cracked sewer line.
We will make all of this information known to brokers and potential buyers , up front, before buyers make an offer. Buyer’s do not like surprises. Buyers should ( but not always) take into account the condition of the property when they make an offer.

We will also encourage buyers to have their own inspections. After the inspection, if a buyer asks you to replace the sewer line you have 3 choices. You can say “no” or “yes” or, you can offer to pay for part of the job. If you need to set a value on the work we would suggest that you get a bid from a licensed contractor. You can offer the buyer a cash credit at closing and let them do the work after closing. Or, you could offer to do the work before closing.A credit at closing is much easier than doing the work yourself.

In this hot market it is common to get more than one offer IF the property is priced to attract buyers. If one buyer is reluctant to pay for the repair themselves, another one may be more than happy to take the house “as is”.
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