Dear Bridget,
My wife and I are moving to New York for a new job. A friend said that his real estate broker was so good that he sold their house even before it went on the market and into the MLS . It seems like that could save a lot of time and effort. ___ Moving On

Dear Moving On.
The only real way to find out what your property is worth, in this fast paced market or in any kind of real estate market, is to list it with a professional Broker and expose it to thousands of agents and their buyers…at the same time through the Multiple Listing Service.
When every buyer out there who is looking for a home in your price range and location learns about your listing … you will get invaluable feed back.
If your house is listed too high you will know it is too high because you will get no offers.
If you have priced it in the market range (especially in this fast Denver market) for houses like yours… you will get well documented offers right away.
You will know what your house is worth because the buyers will let you know what they are willing to pay.

It is not uncommon for houses in Denver to sell for more than their listing price. The list price is only bait… just like fishing. The only way to get information about the real value is by exposing your property to thousands of buyers through their agents. According the the National Association of Realtors, in 2015, 87% of buyers bought their homes through their real estate agent.

We’ve heard the horror stories about sellers “bumping into” the person who bought their home before it hit the market, at a cocktail party or while golfing. A seller will overhear a guy bragging about what a steal he got on his new home because the broker persuaded the seller to accept his offer before the house hit the market. When the seller realizes that the buyer is talking about him and his ex-home… the next step is the lawyers office. That listing agent could be in deep trouble.

If you would like information about how to get the most for your property when you sell, contact Broker/Owner Bridget Walsh: [email protected] / 720.440.3562

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